About Us

Hover is not just a product, it’s an idea, a lifestyle, a movement, set forth to revolutionize the entire way of city commute through e-bikes.

It started with a small and simple yet great idea to take a step towards green energy. While green technology is the core of our product, we knew we could contribute way more. Thus, started the phase of ideation, where multiple ideas were shot in, many of them made their way through, and many of them were lost in oblivion during the process. We as a bunch of designers, engineers, managers and marketers wanted something disruptive which as a product left no stone unturned.

Henceforth, Hover was born, or we would say made, with a lot of perseverance, patience, sweat, sleepless nights and yes, a lot of coffee and green tea.

Come and join this revolution and be a part of the Hover Army.